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liforme yoga mat available at barefoot in spring lake nj

Liforme Yoga Mat

Description of Liforme Yoga Mat

The Liforme Yoga Mat is a ground-breaking mat that features the unique AlignForMe system of practical alignment markers to intelligently guide Yogis of all shapes and sizes and help them to practice in better alignment. The mat is longer and wider giving Yogis the space they crave, and with perfect balance between firm stability and comfortable cushioning. Yoga Mat Bag Included.  It also comes with a booklet containing information about the mat.

BEST FOR: yoga, hot yoga

Brand: Liforme

Made in:  Made in the USA

Fiber Content:  Natural Rubber and eco-polyurethane

Size & Fit:  185cm long x 68cm wide, approx 4.2mm thick, approx 5.5lbs, available in Blue, Green, Grey, and Pink, $140.


 1 Clean it right
Use a tiny drop of dish soap diluted very heavily with plenty of water, and wipe it gently with a non-abrasive sponge that is damp, but not soaking wet. We recommend you do this only after about every 5-10 uses. If you regularly practice in sweaty conditions, you may wish to clean your mat more frequently but remember that whilst our planet-friendly Liforme mat materials are remarkably durable for Yoga practice, over-cleaning or using abrasive products will wear out the materials faster.

2 Let it dry
After any practice, especially a sweaty one, and after cleaning, allow your mat to dry before you roll it up. Heading straight from your class? No problem, roll it up, take it home and unroll to dry as soon as you get a chance.

3 Avoid keeping your mat out in the sun for long periods
Your mat is, very importantly, biodegradable and so prolonged exposure to the sun can degrade it more quickly. But don’t worry, our mats are not vampires and they’re OK with the odd bit of sun, so no need to be too worried about this.

4 Store it away
Roll it up with the top side (the coloured side, with the etched design) on the outside between uses. It’s designed to be rolled this way, and this will help ensure your mat rolls out nice and flat at each time you use if for your practice.

5 Use your mat
Because of the absorbent (and very hygienic) materials we use, it is the case that over time and use, your skin’s natural oils may mark or stain the surface of the mat. Try to avoid practising on the mat with freshly applied oily creams or massage oil, etc. as of course these may stain more. The good news is that these sorts of marks will often fade gradually with time or after cleaning. But overall, we say be proud of your mat’s battle scars from all those good warrior poses!

Why Liforme:

  1. Warrior Like Grip
  2. Planet Friendly, Body Kind
  3. Unique Alignforme System
  4. Wider and Longer
  5. Extra Support, Stability, and Cushioning
  6. Made by Yogis, for Yogis
  7. Perfectionist Quality


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Shipping & Returns

  • Call us to order! (848) 469-8447
  • Shipping is $6.95 or we offer FREE in-store pick up!
  • Barefoot will gladly accept unworn, unwashed, undamaged or defective merchandise for store credit or exchange within 14 days of receipt.  All returns must be accompanied by a receipt and have their original tags attached to the merchandise.  All custom, marked-down or sale items are final sale and will not be accepted for return.
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