My First Pure Barre Class! - Barefoot Athleisure
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My First Pure Barre Class!

After waking up at 7 am, I attended my first barre class this Wednesday morning at Pure Barre in Spring Lake. To really put it simply, I had no idea what to expect or even what to bring. I was made aware the night before you need special grip socks that I picked up prior to the class. To start, my friend Kelsey and I were sort of floating in the same boat, no prior knowledge of Pure Barre, so she joined me. A few of my friends from school are into barre, especially Pure Barre, so I was excited to finally see how it was. My instructor’s name was Morgan and she was amazing. She really brought me through the movements making sure I was doing everything correctly so the class was worth my while. There are a few things I am going to tell you to expect when going to your first barre class.

First, it will absolutely BURN. At some points I thought my limbs were going to fall off. My legs and arms were shaking but you really could feel the toning happening.

Second,, do not be scared to ask if the move you are doing is being done correctly. There were multiple times when Morgan, my instructor, came to correct the position so that I would not get hurt and really get the most out of the class which was great.

The last thing I would take into consideration when going to your first barre class is to be open minded! My body could do a lot of things that I was not aware of today before pushing myself. Going to fitness classes is a unique experience for every person. Overall, I really enjoyed the barre class and would definitely go back to another. I felt like it was really was toning and shaping my body in such a great way.