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spin class

TANDEM. This is not your average spin class.

TANDEM. This is not your average spin class. A little background about spin and Kate (me). I have been to roughly five spin classes in my entire life. My sisters are both really into Prime Cycle in Hoboken, New Jersey. That was the first spin class I ever took and thoroughly enjoyed.  There is something about a dark room, intense sweat and loud music for a workout that seems insanely powerful to me. Not only are you riding a bike, but doing intervals and small arm workouts, I really feel like it is such an amazing full body experience.

I have heard great things about Tandem in Manasquan. My best friend went there last summer to train for her field hockey preseason. She said it really got her in the best shape of her life and that Tandem was one of her favorite places to go and spin.  I like a workout that is tough physically and mentally. I enjoy getting into my head and thinking or sometimes not even thinking at all just pushing myself. If this sounds like you, Tandem is for you. I felt physically and mentally tougher when walking out of the class.

This ride was specifically focused on Pride Month and there was a common theme throughout the entire class. Push yourself through the hard times and realize how much stronger you come out on the other side. I felt like at Tandem, I was not just taking a spin class but really helping myself through so many of my problems. Eric was our instructor and he could not have been more amazing. We went from dancing like Beyonce in one song to pushing ourselves harder than we ever have before in the next. Eric had so many times when he would turn off all the lights so we could have our own mental workout during the class. I felt like it was a private session at points to feeling so powerful as a group.

Overall, I would highly recommend Tandem spin classes. Our very own ambassador AK is another spin instructor there! For more information about Tandem Cycle, schedules and different classes visit tandem-cycle.com. Ride for yourself. Ride for others. Ride Tandem.