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beach yoga

Beach Yoga

Fourth of July weekend – barbecues, long beach days and a few drinks. While all these things are the epitome of our holiday weekend, a new tradition for the women in my family has developed over the last two years. All of us wake up and do early morning yoga on the beach before the Fourth of July. My oldest sister Megan contacted an old co-worker who taught beach yoga to see if she would be interested last summer and here we are a year later, finding peace through the sound of waves and sand.

I grew up with my mom very into yoga, I never could sit still for so long or never really believed in finding peace that way. In the last couple of years, my perspective on yoga has really changed and developed into something beautiful. What is better than being completely centered and peaceful in your favorite place in the world?

This morning our instructor, Katie, guided us through a variety of sequences and poses that aligned with the sound of the ocean waves and empty beach. Both my sisters, my mom and our family friend attended the class together. The small class size really allowed us as individuals to go about the session in different ways. One thing that really stood out to me about the class was Katie telling us what yoga is about. Yoga does not mean becoming more flexible or doing headstands but loving yourself and loving the things around you. That is something we really look past in different parts of our lives, especially during holidays. July 4th really kicks off the beginning of the summer and although barbecues, long beach days and a few drinks always sound like a good idea it’s important to remember the things that bring us joy and that are important. This early morning yoga class on the beach really brought me back to that.

Along with the amazing pricing of the session, Katie lead such a meaningful and peaceful holiday weekend class. Follow along on our instagram @barefootathleisure for more about yoga and local classes. For more about Katie of Sunshine Kate’s visit