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coastal core

Coastal Core Fitness!

Coastal Core is a studio located in Belmar, New Jersey right on Main Street. Walking into the class I seriously did not know what to expect. The word mega former just kept repeating in my head, which sounds like a pretty intimidating word. Well, it was. Barefoot’s ambassador, Michelle taught the class and when I walked in and saw the machines I started to get a little nervous about how the class might go. Barefoot’s owner, Ali met me there and took me through how it worked which was so helpful because of the fast pace of the class. Ali is super into Coastal Core and whenever she talked about it, I thought it sounded like such a good workout. Michelle also added a few pointers before that really kept me going throughout the class.

I normally like workouts that are quick but they push you extremely hard in those 40-55 minutes. In this particular 45 minute class, I would definitely put emphasis on the word “push”. It’s important to keep going. Michelle said at the beginning of class that if a break was needed get right back into the move after. It was 45 minutes of non stop movement while my body was shaking and sweating. One of my favorite parts about Coastal Core was that I was never out of breath but I was working so incredibly hard. It put me into this groove of sequences that just flowed. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely needed help with some of the positioning and transitions but overall I thought I really pushed myself.

Another one of the great things about Coastal Core is that you can push yourself in one particular move and feel the burn because you know it is done for only a short amount of time. My body was shaking on the mega former and even the walk to my car after class! I really thought that my experience at Coastal Core was so unique and I would absolutely love to return for more of their classes. Before the class, I visited their website and looked at the About page to find out what I needed to bring and what to expect, it was so incredibly helpful. For more information about pricing, schedules and Coastal Core visit For more information about our Ambassador and Coastal Core instructor Michelle, follow her on instagram at @coachmichlauren!